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Who are we?

Confidentiality is fundamental to the trust between doctors and patients. However there is a duty on doctors to disclose information about their patients in the public’s best interest. For example to the police or DVLA. Do you:

Doctors are expected to use their professional judgement to decide the right course of action and what is in their patients’ best interests. How often do you doubt whether you made the right decision?

In the future all doctors will be required to publish their team and individual results in some form or another. Do you…?

Doctors today are less compassionate than 20 years ago. Do you…?

Don Berwick said the NHS should continually and forever be reducing patient harm by embracing wholeheartedly an ethic of learning. How far is the health system achieving that?

Medicine is a tough career; we need doctors trained to be resilient and better capable to deal with adversity. Do you…?

If I were to raise a serious concern in my institution I would be…

If I were struggling to cope as a result of pressures on the service, I am confident that I could ask for and receive help without being penalised in any way.

A supportive working environment is:

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